All this support that I get online means a lot… humbled…

Sorry but I got to brag about myself a little bit. It is amazing that I get all this support from people online and I never realized it until now. Sure, I maybe an easy target of trolls and haters… I’ve always had that problem and still do but not everybody dislikes me. There are actually people who actually loves everything I do whether it will be my online blogging/social media posts, weightlifting adventures and my music. My supporters will support me for one of those or a combination of all three.

My online web persona may not be for everyone and I’m okay with that ’cause like they all say, I can’t please everyone. Some people may see me as “controversial”, “dark” and a bit of an online “troublemaker” but that’s fine. Let them believe what they want to believe and like I said above, some people actually like everything I do. There are some people who appreciate me for my honesty and realism.

As for why some people think I’m “controversial”, I don’t think I ever was. I’m just being myself is all. I’m just honest, just tell my truth and stick to my guns. Therefor, I’m a realist and some are not going to like that apparently. That’s okay. I don’t do what I do for popularity and I don’t really care to get as many fans as possible. If you love me, that’s great. If you hate me, that’s great too. I’m good either way.

The truth is, I’m not going anywhere as I’ll always be on the internet doing my usual things: blogging, social networking… posting about music, the news, politics, reviewing movies and posting my weightlifting stuff. That’s all I ever do online. I’m not changing for anyone as I speak for myself and myself only.

I will be the same guy throughout 2020 as well. Nothing will change as I will continue to be doing what I’ve been doing.


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