Happy New Year, y’all…

Well, I’ve been real sick with the nasty sinus infection again. After when I thought I was all better, the sinus infection returns but I got it much worse than before. Had it for two days straight and stayed up all night for two days straight… couldn’t sleep ’cause I was coughing up a storm all night long. I’m feeling a lot better now, though.

Haven’t coughed too much today and nose is pretty much cleared. Yeah, this is the year where there’s a nasty virus going around. Everybody getting it pretty much. Everybody getting bad colds and bad stomach bugs. I had a stomach bug for one day too admittedly. It’s crazy. I wanted to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s with my family and friends but getting sick for most of it. That’s life, though.

Now to get rid of this left leg injury but that’s almost better too as I know it’s going away on its own. It may take a long time to heal but I know it’s healable. Just gotta stay out of the gym until it’s healed 100%, I guess but I’m gonna get it checked out by a doctor soon anyways.

I tried to go back to the gym last week by doing Chest Day but then the sinus infection returned. Kept me out of the gym again. ugggghhhhh…. this sucks.

I hate being kept out of the gym. You can’t go in the gym when being sick or injured or both.

I’m no longer sick now, I don’t think and now just got to get rid of this damn leg injury so I can return to the gym full time.

So you may ask when will my Best of Lists for best albums of 2019 and best movies of 2019 coming? I think the Best Music albums of 2019 will be coming today but I’m gonna wait for later this month to post the Best of Movies. I still need to see some more 2019 movies I haven’t seen but gonna get to them.

2019 was a good year for me and I’ll be the same old me in 2020 and I’m not going anywhere. Happy New Year, y’all!


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