Staying out of the gym ’cause of an illness and injury sucks but gotta do what I gotta to heal up and get better…

I’ve been quiet about the gym online for a long while ’cause it was intentional. I’ve taking a bit of a gym hiatus due to a upper left leg injury that I’ve been trying to get rid of. When I stand for a long time that’s when I’ll start hurting ’cause putting weight on it will make it hurt. The leg injury is almost pretty much gone. I’m pretty sure it is ’cause I’m not feeling much pain after standing for a long time. I don’t seem to be feeling it much anymore so it’s getting better anyways. I’m still gonna get it checked out by a doctor soon ’cause it’s a good idea. I just want the injury gone forever so I can get back into serious lifting and get back into serious deadlifting too ’cause I miss that.

Anyhow, other than the injury I’ve been dealing with, I’ve also dealt with an illness for a few weeks. I’ve got hit with a nasty sinus infection that I’ve been battling during the Holidays. Stayed up 2 nights in a row and couldn’t sleep ’cause I was coughing all night. I’m way better now, though. Good enough to get out of bed ’cause I’ve been bedridden a lot due to being sick over the Holidays which sucked.

It seems that everybody’s been getting it… either the stomach bug or a nasty cold. Take or your pick and I had a little bit of both, haha. I hardly ever complain about Winter but this Winter pretty much sucked.

I’m kind of glad the illness happened ’cause it kept me out of the gym to help heal the leg injury some more and it did. The leg is getting way better now ’cause of it.

I hate staying out of the gym like this but you gotta do what you gotta do to get better when you’re sick or injured or both? Ya know? It’s okay to stay out of the gym when you’re suffering.

Yeah, I may have some lost some muscle and strength just by staying out of the gym but at least, I didn’t lose my muscular physique. I still have that anyways. When I do return to the gym full time, I’ll be training harder and harder than ever before and I’ll get the muscle and strength I lost back pretty quickly. I hardly ever take a break from the gym but this one is for good reason.

I’ll get back to it, though… not until I get the okay from my doctor which who I will see soon about my leg. My leg is getting better but I’m gonna see what the doctor can do to get rid of it quicker. He’ll probably just give me a stretching exercise and that’s about it. We’ll see.

I want to get back to the gym badly.


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