The Top Ten Best Movies of 2019 will be coming this weekend and I’m going to revise the Music one a little bit…

I will be doing the Top 10 Best movies of 2019 real soon. There are two more 2019 movies I need to see and once I see those, I’ll get right to work on it on what I think are the best films of 2019. Those two films I need to see are “Doctor Sleep” and “Parasite”. Two films I haven’t seen yet that I’ve been wanting to see but I will watch one of those two films tonight ’cause I purchased them on BluRay yesterday.

I read the book to “Doctor Sleep” but haven’t seen the film adaptation yet. “Parasite” has been getting a lot of Oscar buzz and so many people have been giving it positive reviews all over and I’m gonna see that film for myself. “Parasite” does look good and the story actually sounds interesting that it peaked my interest.

As for the Top 10 Best Music List of 2019, I’m going to re-do that one over again and revise it a little bit ’cause I bought a few more 2019 albums that I liked and want to put them on there.

These lists will be coming as soon as I can.

Some of you may ask what will be my choice for no. 1 movie of 2019? I already know what’s that’s gonna be and I’m not saying anything until the list comes out. The no. 1 choice probably won’t surprise you, though. You probably already have an idea of what I picked for no. 1.


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