In the music industry, it used to be album & tour but now it’s tour & album nowadays…

Like the title of this topic says, the old way of doing tours and albums, national bands used to make the album first and they would go on tour in support of the album. The way the music industry are doing things now, they don’t do that anymore. Now it’s the other way around… major label bands doing tours first before the album. Why is that?

Well the obvious reason is that tours & concerts make more money than albums. Nobody’s buying albums anymore. Yup, that’s right… nobody cares to listen to full albums from start to finish… due to Ipods with the shuffle play and all that crap. While albums are tanking and major label bands are getting less and less interested in making albums, the industry are more obsessed with concerts. Live concerts are getting bigger and bigger… which is why a lot of bands are going on some very lengthy and excessive tours, it’s fucking crazy.

In the old days, bands didn’t go on tours that were that long and now a lot of bands seem to be going on tour all year long and all year round pretty much. They’re on the road almost everyday now. A lot of major label bands selling out arenas, stadiums and even small theater & club shows. Concerts are getting bigger and bigger more than ever nowadays.

Bands are getting less interested in making albums and when they break-up and retire, they don’t do final albums anymore… they do final tours. That’s because tours make big money and it’s why concerts are getting so ridiculously expensive. Which kind of sucks ’cause I love live music and I would like to continue to go to major label concerts but I don’t anymore. High ticket pricing is a problem and getting much worse. Last time I saw a national concert was Metallica in 2009 for their “Death Magnetic” tour… Lamb of God and Volbeat opened that show.

Industry changes every now and then but that’s the way it goes.


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