Trying my best to get a great bodybuilding physique even though I don’t compete for the bodybuilding stage…

Even though I’ve gotten into powerlifting full time, I still do bodybuilding too. Although, my goal is to get real strong, I still want to become the best shape of my life. I still want to have a great bodybuilding physique even though I don’t compete for the bodybuilding stage and don’t plan on doing that ever. I just treat bodybuilding like a lifestyle.

The whole reason I got into bodybuilding is ’cause I wanted to look great… I want look like those pro bodybuilders, I want to look like those guys you see in action movies and in pro wrestling. I want to have a huge body like Arnold had back in the day. Some people may think I’m already there but not really, I still feel kind of small and still got plenty of work to do. Still got bodyfat to drop and all that stuff.

Yeah, I want to look sexy for the ladies and look intimidating for the men. I want people’s jaw to drop and want people to glance over at me when I take my shirt off publicly. That already seems to be happening still… I get great compliments on my physique and people seem to be impressed that I’m getting bigger in size but I got plenty of work to do still.

I’m happy with most of my physique but trying to really build my pecs. Trying to get a huge chest and trying to get full six pack abs still.

To build my chest even more, I’ve gotten into benching full time. Doing barbell flat bench and doing barbell incline bench. Both seems to be helping me. I’ve also gotten into dumbbell bench press and dumbbell flies on the bench too. For flat bench, I do strength training like heavy sets and few reps but everything else I do is hypertrophy type stuff. Doing heavy bench pressing on the barbell seems to be helping me more. I’m starting to get that bodybuilder look finally ’cause of it. I don’t know why so many bash the bench press. I love doing flat bench and incline bench and both seem to be helping me. I learned that if you really want to grow your chest more, you do more incline bench and I have. Concentrating on the upper chest more will really help.

I used to do lower chest like cable crossover but I’m gonna stop those, I think ’cause there is no such thing as lower chest anyways. I want to have giant chest pecs but it’s gonna take me several more years to get there but I’m working on it. Some make the mistake thinking that doing heavy flat bench pressing like heavy sets and few reps won’t grow your chest but I disagree. That seems to be helping me greatly and I can feel my chest getting bigger… slowly but surely.

It is possible to get a big bodybuilder look without use of steroids and supplements. All it takes is hard work, consistency and good eating. Do all three of those and you could look like a young Arnold easily.

Another reason I’ve gotten into powerlifting is that I’m hoping strength training will help get me bigger in size quicker and it is kind of helping a little bit.

To make my bodyfat drop even more, I’m gonna make my nutrition a lot more strict. I’ve eliminated potato chips of any kind from my diet and don’t eat potato chips anymore. I’m going to avoid cake and ice cream completely, I think. No more Cliff Bars. I think all this would help. My nutrition is mostly clean but it’s going to be even cleaner.

Be in great shape all year round. No off-season for me.


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