Gonna sign up for more streaming services for my smart TV real soon…

I’m keeping Netflix and WWE Network but I’m gonna sign up for more streaming services for my Smart TV. I’m probably gonna end up going for that Three bundle deal… the Hulu, Disney+ and Espn+ bundle for $12.99. And I’m also thinking about signing up for CBS All Access which will be $5.99 which isn’t bad. If I’m going to go for these, I’m going to downgrade a Netflix plan so all of this would be more affordable, I think.

The reason I’m signing up for more streaming services is ’cause I might get rid of my cable box and plus, Smart TV is a TV for streaming so might as well have fun and use it, right?

I thought about getting HBO NOW streaming service but the only reason I would want that service for is for the Sopranos only ’cause I love that show. I don’t really need HBO NOW anymore ’cause I can watch the Sopranos by buying the series for Google Play which I will start doing soon. So I don’t need HBO NOW, fuck it.

So I’ve decided I’m gonna go for Hulu instead. Just something different…

As for Disney+, I want to get it so I can finally start watching “The Mandolorian” like everyone else ’cause I’m dying to see that show myself with me being a huge Star Wars nerd. Plus I want to get Disney+ to see all the Marvel films I haven’t seen before and to watch all the Disney classic animated films which I’m sure are all on there. I’ll be able to watch all the Toy Story movies too.

As for why I would like to get ESPN+ plus, well to get back into watching UFC ppvs on there. I love UFC but I stopped watching UFC ppvs ’cause they’re so expensive. I’d like to get back into UFC ’cause I’m a huge MMA fan myself. Love that sport. I only want ESPN for UFC and that’s it.

As for CBS All Access, I’m only getting that for the new Star Trek: Discovery show and for Star Trek: Picard since I’m a Star Trek nerd as well. Not sure if I’ll get CBS All Access, just thinking about it.

Now, I’m not much of a TV junkie like some would think. I don’t watch TV during the day. All my TV watching is mostly in the evenings and nights. I would rather spend most of my day playing my guitar and working out in the gym, that’s what I mostly spend my time doing. I watch TV at night as a way to relax from the day and nothing more.

I don’t watch much regular TV anyway ’cause I think cable TV is garbage… streaming services is the way to go, in my opinion.



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