Upper left leg feeling much better, way better than it was before…

Thanks to physical therapy, the upper left leg injury is feeling better. Way better than it was before. I think I should still go back to light lower body lifting for a while longer just so I can make the physical therapist happy. I’m gonna go to physical therapy for about a month ’cause they want to strengthen a few things on my lower body. They’re noticing that my hips and glutes are pretty weak and that’s what they gotta strengthen.

I agree that my hips and glutes (or what they call the butt/ass) are pretty weak and I gotta strengthen those pretty badly. The P.T. gave me exercises and stretches for me to do at home everyday and I have been doing them everyday at home.

At the gym on leg day, I’ve also gotten back into doing the hip abductor machine which targets the hips & glutes. I’ve also gotten back into the glute ham raise and also started doing barbell hip thrusts again. I really gotta strengthen my glutes ’cause it would also help with my barbell squats and deadlifts. If you want to have bigger numbers in squats and deadlifts having strong hips and glutes would really help.

So I think I gotta do some lighter deadlifting for a little while, just light and high reps. I’ll get back into big deadlifting and squatting real soon.

I think I’m gonna get back into doing yoga classes too ’cause they recommended that I should get back into yoga. This Spring/Summer I’ll probably get back into yoga full time again ’cause I really need flexibility pretty badly. I’m not that flexible but working on it. I still do yoga stretches at home on my own.

I’m trying to get back into full-time powerlifting training. I’m doing heavy benching again, though ’cause I’m free of injuries in upper body.

Physical therapy is good. If you feel that your body is beat up or if you’re injured in some muscles anywhere, a physical therapist is recommended going to. They are way better than surgery anyway.

Anyhow, you all are probably wondering my thoughts on all this Corona Virus craze going on and I’ll have a blog post on that soon. Stay tuned.


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