It’s nice to know that there are actually some people out there that enjoy hearing me sing and play guitar… very humbling really…

Ya know, over the years of my life I’ve always had other musicians acting like they’re experts and trying to be critics toward my music. Some would get into a debate that I have no talent, that I suck and there were even debates on whether or not “I’m a professional” musician. I’ve been called a hobbyist and all that nonsense.

That’s all fine and good but believe it or not, I actually do have true fans out there which means a lot and very humbling. When you’re a musician you can’t listen to the negativity and can’t pay any attention to the haters ’cause none of that is important. You just need to keep providing entertainment for the fans that you do have and that’s what I try to do. Whether I do covers or originals, there are people that actually like listening to me. I always get people asking me, when am I going to put out new covers or new originals? I’m trying. The small fanbase that I do have, it inspires me to keep working on music.

This is why I would like to release my first album for an internet only kind of release with new original music. Yeah, I do have fans… all the doubters, critics and haters will probably call me delusional and stuff like that but I know I do have fans.

Even though my politics lean more toward the right, I have other leftist people that just support me for my music and not my politics. That’s okay, I’m fine with that too and that too means a lot.

While I do a lot of covers, I plan to get back into songwriting again this year and I would like to write a lot of songs for a double album, hopefully. If I were to release an album, I’ll probably just throw it on bandcamp and release it for free.

Some of you may ask, why am I not getting myself out there in a big way when I should musically? How am I not out there playing many gigs? How come am I not trying to establish myself and get myself more well-known? How come am I not chasing fame and not trying to get myself signed to a record label whether indie or major?

Well here’s the thing… I never saw myself as a rock star. I’m not desperate to become a rock star ’cause I don’t give a shit about that to be honest. I don’t live in delusions of grandeur of being a rock star like many local musicians are living in these days.

I don’t take myself serious ’cause all I want to do is just play music and that’s it. I’m not a fame and not a popularity chaser. Sure, I like getting new listeners and enjoy it when people like my stuff but I don’t care whether or not I have a huge fan base. If I only have a few fans, I’m fine with that too. I would play music for like 1 or 2 people or no one at all ’cause I play music for myself really. It is always gratifying when people love my stuff.

I’m dying to put out an album for the fans that I do have out there ’cause I know I do have some.

I’m also interested in making a return to live performing too ’cause admittedly I do miss doing that and miss rockin’ the stage and I wanna get back into that. I haven’t played a live gig in a long time.

I just wanna play music like the rest of the musicians out there. I don’t care about the rock star dream. If that’s your thing that’s fine, just not for me.


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