You don’t have to make cover songs sound like the same way on the album, just make it sound like you wrote it…

When you’re learning cover songs, you don’t always have to play them or sing them the same way on the album. When I watch people play cover songs on youtube/facebook, most of them don’t play cover songs the same way on the album. A lot of times musicians would change the arrangements around so that the song can fit their voice. Can’t sing the really high notes??? Don’t be afraid to transpose and go lower in key.

That’s what a lot of music artists do with their own songs really. There are a lot of national bands and artists that never play the song the same way twice. Go listen to any band and artists and you’ll hear that they play so many different versions of their hits especially David Bowie. There are a lot of times when Bowie sung his hits live he transposed to lower keys ’cause he couldn’t sing high anymore. Plus, many bands and artists came up with different versions of their songs live to make things interesting.

Back to doing cover songs, I think musicians playing the songs note for note and doing it the same way on the album is overrated. You don’t have to do cover songs like that. Make the cover songs sound like “you”. That’s what I try to do anyway.

People wonder why I do so many cover songs well it’s ’cause I love doing them for starters. They’re fun to do and I want to show people that I can be a real musician too. There’s something about doing covers. I just want to learn all the songs that I’ve loved over the years. They don’t have to be just big hits that everyone knows although, I do like playing big radio hits. I just do cover songs for fun and that’s all, though.

Don’t take yourself serious as a musician. Just play and enjoy.


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