My Bowie tribute show is coming along well, still rehearsing them, though… want to give them more time…

As promised, I will make my David Bowie live stream tribute show happen real soon. Just rehearsing the songs really hard still ’cause I want to take my time and do them good so I can make I do them justice. I don’t want to mess up lyrics and guitar parts while performing live-stream so that’s why I gotta give them some more time to practice my Bowie set.

I realized that I actually have 12 Bowie songs written on the setlist so it’s gonna be a 12 song set for the Bowie tribute. I already gave a few songs away of what I’m planning to do like “Blackstar” and “Starman” but that’s all I’ll name for now. I will be doing his greatest hits to some obscure Bowie songs no one knows about.

While I’m working on these songs and practicing, I’m really blown away at how much of a musical genius he really was. Remember, he was more than just a great singer. He was also a great guitar player and a great lyricist as well. I think Bowie’s lyrics were pretty awesome, though. As you listen to Bowie’s music, you can easily tell that he came up with all these songs directly from his head… he definitely knew what he wanted out of his songs. He definitely had a good ear. He made the type of music he wanted to make.

Bowie is one of those music artists that you never get tired of listening to. Yeah, Bowie may have been a liberal guy and he was probably a Democrat voter but who cares… his music was still beautiful stuff.

Working on these Bowie covers is inspiring me to get back into songwriting again myself.


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