Hana Kimura, a young Japanese pro wrestler kills herself due to becoming victim of online cyberbullying…

This is sad. Young Japanese pro wrestler, Hana Kimura kills herself after getting a lot of trolls and cyberbullies attacking her online. It was over a reality show she was in when she lived in a house in Tokyo with three men and three women (she was one of the women, of course).


I am someone who has dealt with a lot of cyberbullying and trolls getting at me for many years. I still do have that problem even to this day but you know what? I learned to stay strong, learned to stay above it all and ignore it all. I used to get upset with trolls and cyberbullies but I don’t anymore. When someone online attacks me, I just ignore it and let it slide by.

The internet and social media certainly does suck and cyberbullying definitely is a problem. The weird part about all of this is, I try to point out that trolls online attack constantly but no one believes me… most everyone says it’s all my fault ’cause they think I should watch what I say and I wouldn’t get that stuff which I always thought it was bullshit. I just get so many people bashing me, making fun of me and things like that, you know the deal?

I’ve been cyberbullied long before social media, though… I’ve gotten attacked through local music forums like Crumbs, glensfallsrock, etc… all because I just wanted to get my music out there like everyone else. I’ve also been attacked by this defunct music website called Rock and Roll Confidential (good riddance, btw).

Cyberbullying really is getting out of hand and it’s getting worse. Yes, blogs, social media and all that gives you all these options to take care of cyberbullying and trolls with “blocking”, “deleting”, etc. but that still doesn’t stop any of it even though that helps.

Over the years, though, I’ve noticed that cyberbullies only attack you anonymously, though. They don’t want their identities revealed ’cause they’re afraid their reputation might get destroyed or they’re scared you might report them to police… things like that, ya know?

Cyberbullying is a problem for sure. There’s nothing you can do about it but ignore them, I’ve gotten way better with that, though.

Yeah, the internet is one crazy messed up world for sure. You just gotta learn to toughen up, stay above it all and stay strong, ya know? That’s what I do. Just say fuck everyone, ya know? That’s all you can do.

RIP to Hana, though… she didn’t deserve that.


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