Starting my David Bowie tribute today but they will be exclusive for IGTV instead of FB Live…

For the past couple of weeks since I’ve been planning on going livestream for FB for the first time, I thought this stuff would be easy but it’s actually not. It’s all pretty complicated stuff really.

On FB, I had to install the Chrome Beta in order for Facebook Live to work on my computer. I notice that video and audio were pretty bad on my PC when testing out FB live so I switched to the old version of FB Live on FB to see how that works. Live streaming video on old version of FB Live worked well but still bad audio.

So I downloaded and installed OBS Studio and experimented with that to see if I can stream live with OBS to FB Live, I tried that and video and audio were a lot worse.

I experimented with FB live streaming on my Ipod Touch but wifi connection and speed is not that good for that kind of thing up here ’cause the router is far away.

So I thought fuck it, I’m just gonna pre-record my live performances and just upload them to IGTV now that Instagram finally lets you upload longer videos. Audio and video works fine when not “live streaming”. I know it all has to do with latency and CPU usage and all stuff but I’m not gonna go through all that hassle.

I’m just gonna make it easier for myself and just pre-record them and just upload the tribute with each song separately. I’ll upload like 2 or 3 songs a day until I reach to the 12th song. If people like what they hear and they wanna hear more Bowie covers then I’ll do more Bowie songs I haven’t learned yet.

I’ll be recording with my guitar and microphone plugged into an audio interface… that works well when not streaming live and you’ll really be able to hear me pretty good. I just think it makes it more fun to upload the pre-recorded performances on the internet and on top of that, I don’t think I’m going to get a lot of views on my live stream anyways.

I’ll start the tribute sometime later this afternoon.


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