Thinking of doing a live virtual show for my original songs too… probably will…

I’m now thinking of doing a live virtual show/concert for my originals too. If I’m going to do that, it means I’ll probably have to go back and re-listen to all my older songs and re-learn them all again. I’ve probably forgotten how to play most of ’em. I’ll play a lot of my older songs that I used to do when I used to gig a lot and I’ll try to write some more new ones too.

I know my listeners/fans want to hear my originals ’cause there are people that actually do like to listen to my originals despite the many critics and haters that I have.

Maybe I should bring the old songs back ’cause admittedly, those old songs did help get me out there gigging a little bit. I’ll bring back “Evil Fred”, “Time Bomb”, “Mr. Tough Guy”, “Suicide or Murder”, etc. All of it.

Time to have some fun.


4 thoughts on “Thinking of doing a live virtual show for my original songs too… probably will…”

  1. This would be cool – just make sure you promote it more. I was looking forward to the Instagram/Bowie stuff, but didn’t really get any notice. Maybe pump it up a week or two in advance leading up to it so people know how/when to catch it.

      1. Oh, I know – I saw it. Just that you announced it the same day, so missed seeing the first ones until a few days later. If you’re going to do one live, you need to promote it more.

      2. I’ll keep that in mind. Bowie songs aren’t easy to do. Some of his songs can be pretty challenging so it’s taking me forever to practice them. I may be late on some of these songs but I’m not gonna make ’em public until I’m happy with the performance. I’ll do many different “takes” until it’s right.

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