With technology nowadays, it’s much easier to be a one-man band…

In the old days when it comes to making music, you had to learn all instruments yourself if you wanted to be a one man band when recording your own music. Now with technology nowadays, it’s much easier to be a one-man band with just a simple click of a mouse.

I’m not sure when MIDI technology started coming out for musicians. I think MIDI started in the 80’s but it got its start on keyboards and synthesizers at first. Then all these MIDI pads and samplers started coming out later in the years. In the late 90’s and up, you could hook up your MIDI keyboards, synthesizers into any DAW like ProTools for example. Now there’s MIDI everywhere, making it easy to  play virtual instruments, any virtual instrument that sounds realistic enough.

Earlier this year, ToonTrack just released Ez bass software and I’m already looking at it. From the looks of things it looks pretty good and the bass sounds so real too. I’ve also been looking at ToonTrack EZ drummer for a long while and now ToonTrack just released EZBass software. It is now easier to make full band tracks with just a click of a mouth and both softwares does look easy, hence the name of them “EZ” giving you a hint that they are really simple to use. Only issue that both of these softwares are kind of pricey, $150 each and I’m probably gonna end up getting both. They maybe pretty pricey but I’m sure they’re worth it. I can use them as plugins for my DAW, I just found out. For a DAW, I just use Mixcraft 8. Mixcraft 8 already has loads of virtual instruments that sounds realistic but I’m looking for something better.

I’m dying to make full band rock n’ roll tracks. Make a full band rock album and I could do it all myself. Learn how to program drums and learn how to create bass lines and I’ll be good to go. My music is not that complicated… I’m not gonna be making Dream Theater and Iron Maiden like songs. I’ll just make simple original rock and metal songs with the likes of Ac/Dc, Megadeth Nirvana and Metallica as inspirations. I’ll be banging out heavy distorted riffs, singing over them and playing solos too. I’ll also make slower ballads too ’cause I’ve always loved writing slow songs as well. I like writing slow stuff ’cause it’s fun to sing songs like that. Good to mix it up some.

I want to make music again but I’m kind of tired of acoustic songs. I want to try writing electric rock stuff and I believe I can pull it off.


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