Christone Ingram aka “Kingfish”… damn, this is real blues if you wanna hear it…


I’m not crazy about today’s blues music. I fuckin’ love the blues but I prefer the older blues. Today’s blues music is more “pop” and too “singer/songwriter-ish” type of stuff, ya know? Well Christone Ingram aka “Kingfish”, knows what real blues is supposed to sound like. You gotta hear this album ’cause I love it.

Kingfish is that young 21 year old blues guitarist who is pretty big internet sensation in youtube which was how he got his record deal, I would assume and here is his debut album, pictured above. This album reminds me of a mix of SRV, Clapton and BB King. When you listen to this album, you’ll notice different styles of blues on it… blues rock, regular blues, Texas blues, Chicago blues, acoustic blues, slide guitar blues, etc. There’s something for everyone on it for all blues fans.

This album is fucking sick. I listened to it a couple of times while I was on vacation last week. It’s got some of the best guitar playing you’ll hear. The rhythm and lead guitar work is freakin’ brilliant and Christone’s singing isn’t that bad either. It’s a fun album to listen to all the way through.

Yeah, this kid is only 21 and he plays like he’s 50. Before I bought this album, I already knew of him ’cause I saw a few of his videos on youtube before and I think I’ve read an interview with him through Guitar World magazine.

I’m gonna be addicted to this album and I think I’m gonna buy every album he comes out with now. He’s got a long and successful career ahead of him. Hope he’s ready for this. Give this album a shot.


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