Indoor gyms are finally coming back this week… getting excited…

Well the local YMCA officially announced that indoor gyms are coming back this coming Tuesday, Sept. 1st. It is exciting yes but at the same time, not so exciting if that makes sense. Yes, the gym coming back this week but there will be a lot of restrictions of course. The gym will look a little different, I’m sure. The Battenkill YMCA, my local gym will have equipment in there that will be 6 feet apart. Not sure how the staff are gonna do that since the gym is so small so they might have to get rid of a few equipment to make room in there. Masks will be worn at all times in there, of course which will suck hard.

While gyms coming back is happening this week, I’m gonna make my workout days real short for now until everything is back to normal ’cause I can’t wear these masks in a gym for a few hours, ya know? I’m planning to make my workout sessions for an hour or a little more for now. Just go in and out real quick. For each workout day, I’ll just go in and do 4 or 5 workouts and will still be able to workout every body part. I’ll still do both my powerlifting and bodybuilding training, just make my workout days a tad bit shorter, ya know? Reasons being is that I can’t wear these masks for a long time while working out and since gyms will be 33% capacity, I want to give someone else a chance to get their workout days in so they won’t be waiting.

Gyms coming back Tuesday so I’ll have to write out a new workout program. I’m gonna start with Chest Day then Arm Day then Leg Day and then Back day.

I probably lost a little bit of muscle and strength during this time off from the gym. I’ll see when I get there. It’s been about 4 or 5 months away from the gym due to this pandemic but I’ve been still working out at home, though. Just doing some body workouts and stretching mostly. I’ve also been doing a lot of outside cardio like walking and biking. Doing whatever I can so I don’t lose muscle and strength, ya know?

I’ll see how my gym days goes when I get back this week. I’m probably gonna feel a little “weak” going back in for a while but it’ll take a bit to get used to ’til I get strong again. We’ll see what happens.

Looking forward to going back to gym this week. I definitely miss it. Lifting weights is a big passion of mine. I hated being away from it.


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