Even though gyms coming back slowly, gym crowds will be dead for a long while still… why???

As we are quickly approaching fall,, NY gyms are slowly coming back but with restrictions and strict rules like usual. A lot of gyms are going to be small capacity… of course, we got to practice social distancing in gyms still and masks are forced to be worn in them.

Even though gyms are opening back up, gym crowds will be real small for a long while until things get back to fully normal. Why is no one gonna go to the gym still even though they are slowly opening?

Well… many people are still gonna be afraid of the virus and won’t feel comfortable going to them ’cause some feel that gyms are going to be unsafe. Also, there are some people who aren’t afraid of the virus and don’t believe in it… there will be many who refuse to go to the gym ’cause they don’t want to be wearing masks while working out. Take your pick, ya know?

The gym is gonna be dead for a long while… possible forever but I’m sure crowds will start coming back to gyms when things get back to normal.

I’m looking at this capacity tracker at the YMCA which shows you the number of percentage of people working out at the gym… to show you how many people are there and not many:


Even if NY gyms will require 33% capacity as demanded by Gov. Cuomo, not many people will go to the gym ’cause too many will be scared to go.

I’m not panicking over virus ’cause there is no virus. You are being lied to and being played. All this lockdown bullshit is just more power and control.

I despise wearing these fucking masks but I’m gonna go back to the gym and wear them anyways ’cause I need my workout back. They give you strict limited workout time 60 min. a day so I’m just gonna go in and do a couple of quick things four days a week. I’ll still do my powerlifting training and bodybuilding, I’ll just do fewer sets and reps and pick a few workouts for each session so I can go in and out real quick.

Gonna keep my workout sessions short until the gym gets back to fully normal and I’m sure it will soon. The country will get back to normal, probably after the election I bet. This facemask wearing and social distancing crap will disappear for good. They won’t stick around forever.

Even though I’m gonna keep my gym sessions short, I’ll still build some pretty good muscle and strength ’cause that’s all you need is just a few things. I’ll figure something out. You don’t really need to spend a couple of hours in the gym anyways.

Can’t wait to go back to the gym, though ’cause I miss it. Just gotta get my account back.


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