Will I one day be able to lift the big ones in powerlifting? Ya know, be able to bench over 300 lbs. and squat/deadlift over 500? Someday…

Yup, that is definitely my goal in powerlifting is to be able to one day bench over 300 lbs. and squat/deadlift over 500 lbs. It’s funny that some people criticizing my powerlifting in a negative direction. I’ve only gotten into powerlifting for a few years now… started in 2018… yeah, I discovered powerlifting pretty late in life. Been doing this powerlifting/strength training thing for 2 years now so I’m still learning and got a lot to learn.

I’m doing powerlifting training all self-taught pretty much. I do work with a few other powerlifting friends but they live all the way out in the Albany area and I only get coached by them at the meets… other than that, I’ve been teaching myself powerlifting. Although, admittingly, I would like to hire a coach or get a powerlifting partner ’cause it would be pretty useful. I just need to find a powerlifting coach/partner more locally, ya know? I’ll try.

I do my best to do good technique on the big three lifts: bench, squat and deadlift. Ever since I started powerlifting, I was never the best at squats but I’m getting better at squat form and technique now.

Yes, my goal someday is to lift the big ones like everyone else. Someday I would love to bench over 300 lbs. and squat/deadlift over 500 but it’ll take more time to get there. I was reading a book about powerlifting and it’s actually quicker to gain strength than building muscle and I’ve noticed that. Maybe in several more years or more I’ll get to those numbers that I want, maybe sooner than that…

…. anyway, I’m gonna take my time, stay humble and not rush. Not get ahead of myself. Train and smart and train good. Consistency really is key to getting the big numbers. No other way around it. Stay consistent, do every rep in good form and technique every time and you’ll get there before you know it.

It’s funny that some make fun of me at the low numbers but they feel heavy to me with my bodyweight being at 150 lbs. so that’s okay for someone just starting out in powerlifting.

People also tell me that I need to get big and fat, gain weight in order to get to the bigger weights. Um, no. I’m not gonna stuff my face with a lot of calories and not gonna get fat. I do wanna gain more weight but I want to do it right and safely. I want to gain muscle pounds, not “fat” pounds if you know what I mean. I just read a great book on Powerlifting by Dan Austin and Bryan Mann and even they say you don’t want to get fat. So with that being said, you still need to train and eat like a bodybuilder too. So I do both bodybuilding and powerlifting. I do bodybuilding to gain muscle growth and size, I do powerlifting to get strength.

A lot of people make the mistake that as a powerlifter, you can eat whatever you want and stuff your face with calories ’cause powerlifting responds to food. No. In my view, when you’re a powerlifter, you must be a clean eater and have proper nutrition like a bodybuilder. Continue to eat your proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats.

I want to one day be able to lift the big ones, lift a bar with all kinds of weight plates and load it up but I’m gonna take it slow, ya know? If you rush, it’ll lead to bad form and lots of injuries. Gotta train responsible and smart and that’s what I’m gonna try to do.


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