RIP: Sean Connery 1930 – 2020…

Yes, Sean Connery was mostly known as the original Bond… he played in 6 Bond films in his career. Some of you probably know by now that Sean Connery passed away yesterday on Halloween day. Predictably, when the news came of Sean’s passing… all people are going to be talking about is mostly his famous role as James Bond. He was the first actor to play Bond, the 007 movies.

Just to remind you all that Sean Connery is way more than just James Bond and most people don’t even know he starred in many other great films over the years. His other well known roles which people probably forgotten were Henry Jones Sr. in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. Sean only played Henry Jones Sr. once but it was one of his best roles for sure and he was also famous for the role of Captain Ramius in “The Hunt For the Red October” in which he starred alongside Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan. Sean had many other great roles too, though such as “Highlander I and II”, “The Rock” (an action movie that he starred with Nicolas Cage), “Rising Sun”, “Just Cause”, “Entrapment”, “The Untouchables”, etc.

Sean has done movies in pretty much every genre and he wasn’t afraid to star in violent action movies either. I grew up watching Sean Connery movies and every role he has done was enjoyable and entertaining as hell. Not once did he disappoint us with his acting. He killed it in everything he did really. Sean was acting since the 1950’s and retired in early 2000’s with his final film being “The League of the Extraordinary Gentleman”. He never did a live action film ever again after that.

Sean was a genius and he has always been one of my favorites. Loved him in the Highlander movies too which were underrated movies, in my opinion.

2020 took another good one. RIP Sean and thanks for the great films.


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