I love lifting weights and working out in the gym, it’s what I’m supposed to do…

I’m always getting great compliments on my physique and lifting at the gym. Today someone just gave me a great one, he said, “Dude, you gotta stop looking stronger than me ’cause you’re starting to make me look bad”. I just laughed and said thanks.

That’s the weird thing about bodybuilding/powerlifting or whatever, ya know? I can’t tell my own physique and my own strength. I just let other people do the judging.

I just lift and do my thing. Yeah, my goal is to get big, muscular and strong which is what bodybuilding/powerlifting is all about, right? I just lift ’cause I love doing it and it’s a lifestyle for me. After a hard day’s workout in the gym, you feel amazing for the rest of the day. Really, you feel good after.

I got into weightlifting ’cause I wanted something to do to get healthy and to try to get big, muscular and strong as possible. I just want to do it right and do it responsibly though ’cause too many don’t.

The lifting is going well and happy to be back doing it. I try to post lifting videos of myself ’cause my followers enjoy watching this stuff. I try not to mess with that video stuff much ’cause I rather spend more time lifting than wasting time, ya know? Every now and then I’ll post a video of me on instagram doing a heavy single or a 1 rep max on the big three and sometimes I post videos of me lifting with other workouts too. I post videos hoping to get honest feedback on my form but mostly people like watching them instead so I try to post more as much as possible.

With all this being said, I can’t tell how big I’m getting but people tell me all the time, “Damn dude you’re getting bigger each time I see ya”. I’m thinking to myself, “Um okay but I feel still kind of small” which is true. Instead, I tell them “Thanks, I work hard”. I’m my own worst critic I guess.

I just knew what to do in bodybuilding. I’m self taught pretty much. Taught myself how to do it all since I can’t afford a trainer so I taught myself bodybuilding by reading Arnold’s Modern Bodybuilding and watched a bunch of fitness channels on youtube.

I just lift ’cause it’s a lifestyle, a hobby, ya know? Just want to become the best shape of my life and that’s all.


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