ADmittedly, I miss going to the movies… will they ever come back???

Yeah, in some states in the US, some governors are opening back up movie theaters but with only small capacity audience and whatever other crazy restrictions these animals come up with.

Anyhow, even though some movie theaters are allowed to open, I’m noticing a lot of ’em stay closed. Some of them try to open but they go back to closing. Why? Well, many movie theaters are struggling to release new films which is difficult to pull in people… especially with a low crowd capacity.

Yeah, some theaters in the United States are allowed to fully open but even they are struggling to release new movies so instead, a lot of movie theaters screen older films like a lot of classics and Anniversary screenings and things like that, ya know?

Why are movie theaters struggling to make a full return??? Well… it is hard to release new movies when most of Hollywood are still out of work. Just a reminder, y’all that Hollywood are the ones that makes these movies. They write ’em, direct ’em, have actors/actresses that star in them, film them, etc. It takes a long time to make a movie, it’s a long process.

If you want new movies, Hollywood needs to get back to work ’cause like I said before, many of these Hollywood people are stuck at home still like the rest of us. Yeah, Hollywood is slowly returning back to work, I’m noticing. Yup, directors, producers, screenwriters, actors/actresses, etc. Many of them are at home still waiting to get back to work.

You want to get back to the movies, you need movies and these Hollywood people are the ones that brings them to you. They make the entertainment for us and America seems to have forgotten that.

A lot of big movies that were supposed to be released this year were pushed back further ’cause Covid stopped them from finishing them. For example “Top Gun 2” and the new “James Bond” movie. I was really looking forward to seeing those two movies this year but they got pushed back ’cause they couldn’t finish ’em. Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story” remake was supposed to get released this year as well but I guess, that film got pushed back too ’cause Steve couldn’t finish that film.

I’m hoping this covid shit disappears in 2021 and then the country comes back to normal so the movies can return. Not only that live music needs to come back, the movies need to return too.

I haven’t been in a movie theater in many months which feels weird. They’ll make a full return at some point, though. I like going to the movies, though. Always did ever since I was a kid. I’ve always been a movie buff.


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