Got My Stereo system all set up, new speakers and vinyl player!!!

So from Amazon, I ordered new Yamaha book shelf speakers. They came yesterday afternoon and I was surprised how big they are ’cause the pictures made them look small. The speakers sound surprisingly good so they are definitely a keeper for sure. Great sound quality and the bass sounds great too. I wanted speakers where you could hear the bass really good as well and these speakers are perfect. They are also loud enough for a room as well which is what I wanted.

Along with the speakers, I re-bought Ac/Dc’s latest album, “Power UP” on vinyl. I listened to some of the album on vinyl yesterday and yes, vinyl does indeed sounds way better than CD and digital platforms. I can see why vinyl has gotten popular again and made a huge comeback ’cause vinyl has a huge sound.

Now I’m gonna really start my vinyl collection this year. I’ll get vinyls from amazon and I’ll get vinyls from Barnes & Noble and any store that sells vinyl really. I’ll also go to record stores that sells used vinyls and guitar shops around here sells vinyl albums too.

I only have 12 vinyl albums for now… a small collection but I’m gonna look into building it up this year. There’s a record store out in Troy called “The River Street Beat Shop” that sells vinyls and I want to go there sometime. Whenever I go to Cape Cod, Mass every summer there’s a great record store in Hyannis called “Spinnaker Records” that sells vinyls. I can also get vinyls at Antique Fairs and Flea Markets and things like that.

I’m planning to re-buy a lot of albums on vinyl that I already have on CD and digital so I can get a better sound on the vinyl. I’m also planning on buying newer albums that just came out. Doesn’t matter. I’ll buy old vinyl and new vinyl.

I’m definitely planning on re-buying all the Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead and Metallica albums on vinyl, I’ll do that with AC/DC too.

I like to buy music on all platforms: CD’s, digital and vinyl. Now that I have a vinyl player finally, I’m probably gonna collect vinyl more than CD/digital from now on.

I love vinyl ’cause not only do they have the best sound quality, it’s also cool to have an album cover, ya know??? There’s something special about an album with a cover on it ’cause if you get an album digitally, you don’t have a physical album cover. It’s good to have an album cover to appreciate the art. What’s cool about vinyls is that you can flip through and admire the cool album cover art.

I’m a music addict. Gotta have music in my life. I listen to a lot of music ’cause it helps solves everything in life and makes you a better person. Music helps changes your life for sure.


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