5 reasons why Vinyl is special!

So vinyl has made a huge comeback just recently and it’s getting even more and more popular. It’s crazy. Why is that you may ask? Well I’m about to explain 5 reasons why people love vinyl.

As you see in the post above from my Instagram, I got three vinyls dropped off yesterday. Samantha Fish, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead. Can’t play ’em yet ’cause I need a replacement needle. Ordered that too which will be here next week.

Anyhow here are the 5 reasons why people love vinyl and why it’s special:

  • Better sound quality: Yes, people love vinyl ’cause they really do sound way better than CD and digital. You can hear all the instruments better and especially the bass. Love hearing the bass loud & clear and the drums are louder too. You can hear music better on them too.
  • You get to have the album cover and art work: In digital platforms you can’t really have the cover. We want the physical album cover with album artwork and vinyl sleeve and all that stuff ’cause it’s all cool.
  • It’s the best way to have a music library: On vinyl, you get to own the album yourself. It’s yours completely and it’s a great experience to collect all the albums you want by your favorite bands & artists. It’s about the buying and collecting experience.
  • It’s the best way to support the band & artist: Sure vinyl is more pricier but it’s the best way to support the band & artist you like. Forget online streaming, forget buying the CD, forget Itunes… get the damn album on vinyl.
  • It’s a learning experience: It really is if you think about it. Your tastes in music will improve and get better. You can learn more about your favorite band & artists just buying their albums on vinyl.

My vinyl collection is really small for now but looking to build it up. Vinyl is cool and proud to be getting into it finally.


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