Nicolas Cage is a way better actor now than he was years ago… really, you should start watching his newer films…

I’ve been watching so many Nicolas Cage movies a lot lately. Not sure why, I guess I just like the guy’s acting style. He’s different than other actors out there. Yeah, Nic Cage used to be made fun of all the time ’cause of his “horrible” acting but is he horrible? Admittedly, in the old days Nic wasn’t that great, I’ll confess it but now that the guy doesn’t do big budget movies anymore, he’s a way better actor now. I think he improved as he got older.

Nic is now 57 years old and he has starred in over 100 movies over the years. Wow. That’s the one thing the haters will never admit. He’s one of the most prolific actors you’ll ever see. He’s a workhorse, no doubt. I read in an interview with him that the reason he works all the time, non stop ’cause if he’s not working and doesn’t have a job, “he’ll self destruct”. Meaning that he’ll go crazy if he’s not doing anything. That’s why he does one film after another. He’s done every genre too from comedy, serious dramas, thrillers, action movies and even horror.

He’s done so many great movies over the years but all those low budget B-movies he’s doing lately is really good stuff… movies like “Mandy”, “Mom and Dad”, “Colour Out of Space”, “Primal”, “The Trust”, “Dog Eat Dog”, “Grand Isle”, “Score to Settle”, “Running with the Devil”, “Joe”, etc.

I just watched his latest, “Jiu Jitsu” on Netflix in which he stars with Frank Grillo… an action sci-fi movie. Really cheesy flick but entertaining as hell.

Nic is killing it lately. If what Nic Cage movies to start off with when it comes to his newer stuff… you should check out “Mandy”, “Grande Isle” and maybe “Colour Out of Space” too. “Jiu Jitsu” is also recommended.

Will Nic ever take a long break from acting and retire one day? No. He’ll probably keep going until he can’t do it anymore.

Most celebrities and actors are awful people but there are a few good ones left and Nic is one of them. I have no problem with him.

People like to make fun of Nic and bash his acting a lot but I don’t understand why. Yeah, not all of his movies are that great…. he’s got some stinkers for sure but he can be really good in some of them like “Mandy”… that’s one of his best roles right there. He was also really good in “Leaving Las Vegas” in which he won an Oscar for. He’s not bad like so many people try to make him out to be. He’s gotten way better at picking films, though I’ll you that. I’m a huge fan of his.


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