Wish Bookstores would stay out of politics…

I was at Barnes & Noble bookstore earlier today and I’m amazed to see that the store has leftist political books all over the shelves. Mostly you’ll see anti-Trump books all over… and mostly Barack Obama & Michelle books. There are pro-right wing books in big chain bookstores but you won’t find many. The funny thing is though, those right-wing books like Candace Owens, Sarah Sanders and Diamond & Silk sell pretty well while a lot of left-wing leaning books don’t sell for shit. I’m tired of walking in big chain bookstores and seeing Barack and Michelle books all over the fucking place, uggghhh…. please.

This is coming from someone who loves books and I love reading. I went into Barnes and Noble this morning to shop and look around to see if there were any cool books, graphic novels, blurays and music things like that. There wasn’t any books I wanted or no Blu Ray’s ’cause BluRay’s are kind of overpriced in B&N so I picked up a few vinyl albums instead.

I think big chain businesses need to stay out of politics altogether, all of them. It’s disgusting…. so tired of them all ramming left wing political views down our throats: Barack & Michelle, LGBTQ, Climate Change, Black Lives Matter, loving Islam, etc. I think you get my point. It all needs to stop.

People go to these places to shop and go and have fun. Why do politics have to be rammed down our throats everywhere we go? It’s fucking stupid and getting worse. Politics doesn’t have to be everything, ya know? Enjoy life and be happy, sometime. It’s not that bad!


One thought on “Wish Bookstores would stay out of politics…”

  1. Its gotten worse. Example, its now invading cartoons, films, tv shows etc. More than normal. We saw bits of it in the past, but now its almost on ever single stream service, ‘up coming show’ or film etc ad etc etc. Its never ending.

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