Thoughts and prayers go out to DMX… Hope There’s a miracle and hope he pulls through…

Earl Simmons aka DMX may have had a lot of problems and personal issues in his life and music career but we’re all human and we’ve all made mistakes whether you want to admit it or not. Yeah, DMX has been arrested a number of times and did some pretty bad stuff but that’s because of his drug problems over the years, ya know? I’m not gonna hate on the guy and disrespect him, no hate here at all. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family & friends.

Even though things aren’t looking good with Earl, I’ve always believed in miracles and hoping for a miracle and hoping he pulls through. It seems like he’s a fighter alright ’cause even though things aren’t good with him, he’s still trying to hang on.

He’s a human being as we all are and all this shows is that life is fragile, it really is.

DMX music isn’t my cup of tea but got nothing but love and respect for the guy. Praying for him.


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