The new Weezer album, “Van Weezer” is one of the best new albums this year… really, it’s that good!

I used to listen to Weezer a lot when I was young in high school. You can betcha, I bought their debut “blue album” when it first came out in the 90’s when the band was exploding all over MTV back in the day. I used to own their first four albums: the blue album, Pinkerton, the Green Album and Maladroit but after the “Maladroit” album, I suddenly lost interest in the band. I don’t know, I just stopped buying their albums and got rid of all the Weezer albums that I had in the past.

I did rebuy the blue album and the green album years later, however. Weezer kept releasing new albums over the years and they just came out with another new one this year titled, “Van Weezer”. They released another album this year called, “Ok Human” which I haven’t gotten yet but I did buy “Van Weezer” last week.

Why did I buy the new Weezer album, “Van Weezer” when I stopped listening to the band years ago? Well, I kept reading interviews of Rivers Cuomo talking about the new album “Van Weezer” like through Guitar World and the more I read about the album like through magazines and online, the more it piques my interest. The album is a metal album. Over the years Weezer was always known as a pop/rock band so for “Van Weezer” they decided to do something different and risky and make a metal album. It’s the first metal album they did. Why did they do a metal album? Well, simply because Rivers Cuomo, the band’s leading man is a huge metal fan. He did it ’cause he likes metal and that’s it, really.

I listened to the album like 4 times this week and holy shit, it’s that good. It’s a fucking awesome record. Loved it so much. It just proves that Rivers can play any genre of music after hearing all those covers he did on youtube. Back to the “Van Weezer” album, it’s basically a homage and tribute to 80’s metal. I hear a lot of Ozzy influence, Van Halen, Sabbath maybe, some Poison, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard Guns N’ Roses, a bit of Ac/Dc too and I hear a bit of Metallica in there.

It’s an incredible album… I listened to it 4 times this week and that says something. What I loved the most about this album was that it made you realize that Rivers really is a great guitar player. With a guy like him, you’d think he’d be mostly playing power chords with the type of music that he plays but no, he’s way more than that. He can play lead guitar, two handed fret tapping and all of that stuff.

The “Van Weezer” album totally blew my fucking mind and I’m going to be listening to this one a lot, I think. This album definitely made me a Weezer fan again and I think I’m going to get back into buying their albums again. Rivers is a talented guy and his singing is pretty killer on “Van Weezer” too. I would recommend you buy it or if you’re on streaming services like Spotify/Apple Music, give it a listen yourself. It’s recommended! Rivers is trying to help keep rock alive!


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