Ian Anderson puts Jethro Tull out of retirement and the band set to release new album early next year…

Ian Anderson, who is the frontman of legendary prog rock band, Jethro Tull dropped the surprise announcement this week that he put Jethro Tull out of retirement. Yes, you heard that right that Jethro Tull… the band with the tall man who sings the lead vocals, plays acoustic guitar and the flute for the legendary prog rock band who’s been together since the late 60’s. Ian put the band in retirement in 2012 and they haven’t released any new music until now.

Band signs new record deal with major label and is already set to release new studio record in 2022 titled, “The Zealot Gene”.


The current lineup of J-Tull has an all new lineup and the new lineup excludes Martin Barre on the guitar, whose been an important member of J-Tull for years. Question is, why is Martin out? Well I read that Martin and Ian don’t speak with each other anymore. Not sure if they’re no longer getting along or what but I believe Martin just wants to move on with his own musical adventures.

Even if J-Tull has an all new lineup, I’m sure they will still sound like Jethro Tull even after all these years. I would think their sound will still be the same. That same blend of acoustic folk and hard rock with Ian’s vocals and flute.

I’m a huge fan of Tull as I own 3 of their albums on vinyl: “Aqualung”, “Thick as a Brick” and “Benefit”. I want to get more of their stuff though ’cause I’m a huge fan. Love them but I’m more into their older stuff, though.

I’m not sure if I’m gonna get their new album or not. I’m sure they will release a new song pretty soon and after they release a new song and if I like it enough, I’ll probably get it. We’ll see.

Will the band go on a full fledged world tour in support of the new record too? Probably.



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