Collecting Vinyl is great and fun Hobby but It’s also a real challenge…

I’m pretty new and pretty late into getting into vinyl collecting of my own and it’s an experience for sure. I’m already am learning some stuff about vinyl but still got a lot to learn though.

For right now, I don’t have a huge collection of vinyl yet, it’s still pretty small. Have at least around 30 or something like that… but 4 of them have scratches and skip so I can’t play those 4… so I guess that’s another lesson learned that from now on when buying old and used vinyl, you check it before you buy to make sure it’s in okay enough condition. I learned that people sell old and used vinyls really cheap ’cause they are in shitty condition so you gotta watch for those ones. Some of the old cheap vinyls actually play all the way through, though. When people sell old and used vinyl at kind of high prices like $15 or over, that means they’re in perfect enough condition… plus the value of the vinyl.

When you buy “new” vinyls and remaster vinyls of older albums, you don’t have to worry about scratches, dust and dirt on them ’cause the new vinyls are always in perfect condition.

I buy vinyls from old to new ones. It don’t matter to me, I just want to get into the vinyl experience myself.

As for buying scratched vinyls by accident, I’m sure there’s a way to fix them so they can play all the way through. I’m doing research on that and there are multiple ways like deep cleaning, using wood glue, tooth picks and all that stuff. I’ll have to ask other vinyl collectors for advice to see how they fix damaged records.

I picked up a few vinyls from local stores in Greenwich that were selling them. I picked up Rush’s “Moving Pictures” and Bobbie Gentry “Patchwork”… those two played through really good… but I picked records by the Ventures and Bobby Darin which played like shit… I’m gonna keep ’em anyways and try to find ways to fix ’em.

I really love collecting vinyl, though. No wonder they made a comeback and why they gotten popular again ’cause they really do sound better than digital and CD for sure. When listening to vinyl albums, you can hear everything clearer and louder.

Vinyl is awesome. You get to own the album and see “album” covers again.

Although I started collecting vinyl… I still buy albums digital from Itunes and yes, I still buy CD’s too once in a blue moon still. CD’s are still hanging in there.

I’m just a big album addict. I love music… gotta have it in my life.


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