Don’t be afraid to let go of toxic people if they give you too much of a headache, you deserve peace and happiness in your life…

Over the years of my life, I’ve let go lots of friends that I thought were pretty toxic to me. People that I thought were cool and were a true friend but suddenly they turn into a toxic person. Give you so much drama and negativity and all that stuff. They argue with you all the time and get a bit dramatic, blah blah blah.

It’s so funny though, seeing people in FB complaining about how fake they’re friends are and always complaining about them but they don’t do anything about it. Hmmm, if someone is being toxic to you, all you have to do is eliminate them from your life.

What I do is when I kick out toxic people from my life is I don’t bother telling them. I just block them on social media and they just never hear from me again, that’s it really. There’s no sense of telling them you no longer want to be friends and no longer want to talk ’cause there’s no point in arguing. It’ll just make things worse. It’s best that you just ignore that person and pretend that they are dead to you, know what I’m saying? It’s that easy really.

I’ve kicked out plenty of people out of my life that gave me too much of a headache. Other people may not like it, some will go, “why are you kicking out people that were your friends”? Well? It’s my life, ya know? So it’s my choice of who I want to be in it or not. If I no longer like someone, it’s my right to give them the boot out of my life. That’s your right too and it’s totally okay to take out toxic people. If they give you trouble, then why continue to talk to them?

If you don’t want negativity and drama, it’s best to get ’em out. Only allow people in y our life that you like and accept people that likes you for you ’cause you will find out who your true friends are.

I’ve got friends in my life sure, not a whole gang of ’em but I hang out with a few cool people and talk to some online regularly. I know who are the good people and who are not. If someone is in my life still then that totally means that I like that person and totally believe in them.

You deserve peace and happiness and you gotta let negativity and drama go. Don’t be afraid to get rid of people that give you trouble, it’s totally okay. Life is short and don’t let negative people bring ya down.



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