Just bought new albums by Dream Theater, Jerry Cantrell and Mastodon this week and got a few other older albums as well…

Yesterday, I decided to buy some more music from Itunes for my massive digital library.

I know Dream Theater came out with another new album already this year, “A View From the Top of the World” and I’ve been wanting to get that album for a while so I got it. I’m a huge Dream Theater fan and own every studio album they’ve done so I get everything they come out with now.

I also got the new solo album by Jerry Cantrell, the Alice In Chains guitarist who has a side solo career but he only releases occasionally, not very often ’cause he’s mostly focused on AIC. Well Cantrell finally released a new solo album called “Brighten” which I also got. “Brighten” is his first solo album since “Degradation Trip” in 2002 so that’s a long time. I love Jerry Cantrell solo music as I love his first album “Boggy Depot” as well and I’ve seen Cantrell perform live in concert years ago during the “Degradation Trip” tour. I wish he would release solo records more ’cause he’s great at that.

I also got the new album by Mastodon “Hushed and Grim”. I love the band Mastodon as I’ve just started getting into them and been listening to them for a while. I only have a few albums by them, though and trying to get more of their stuff. I also have their albums “Blood Mountain” and “Emperor of Sand”. Along with “Hushed and Grim” their new album, I also bought their very first album “Remission” along with it yesterday. Mastodon is a great band and been loving them the more I listen to them.

I did get a couple of other older albums as well…

I ended up getting Neil Young and Crazy Horse “Everybody Knows this Is No Where” and Neil Young’s latest album “Colorado”. Yeah, Neil’s politics sucks ass but he’s still an amazing musician and songwriter, I still love listening to him despite politics. I stayed away from buying Neil Young albums for a long while but think I’m gonna get back into them. I’ve been listening to Neil Young music ever since I was a teenager pretty much. Loved his music for a long time and still do admittedly.

I’ve also got the classic CSNY album “Deja Vu” also Neil Young which I’m a huge fan of that album and never really had a copy of that album until now and I would like to get a copy of that album on vinyl too.

For something different, I decided to get a pop and R&B album by artist named Aaliyah, her hit album “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number”. Yeah, I do like some pop and R&B music believe it or not. Sometimes I gotta listen to different stuff. Honestly, I’ve been getting into pop and R&B more. It’s good stuff… some pop can be really good so I decided to start getting into Aaliyah. I’ve been buying more pop, R&B and rap albums myself lately.


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