Astroworld was terrible but that’s nothing compared to what other bands & artists have gone through…

Ya know, it’s funny that people in social media freaking out about the incident that happened at Astroworld. Ya know, the crowd surging that happened during Travis Scott’s set at his music festival that he put together himself. People are calling Travis Scott a bad man and blaming him for it all and blah blah blah blah, ya get the deal?

From what I’ve read about 8 or 9 people got killed during the “crowd crush” and many others sent to the hospital and having injuries. A lot of people hating on Travis Scott for this.

I’m seeing stuff that people are mad at him for not stopping the show but I read somewhere that he did pause the show a couple of times. The question is was all this Travis’s fault?

Hell to the fucking no…. absolutely not! I wish people would stop blaming Travis ’cause going to concerts is pretty dangerous for the most part. I would think when performing on stage for a huge festival would be difficult for an artist to see the crowd ’cause of the lightning and all that, ya know? It’s hard for the performer to see the crowd in front of the stage. It’s hard to see every little thing going on inside a crowd. That’s why there is security in front of the stage to take care of all that and to help keep the crowd under control when it gets rowdy.

Yeah, what happened at Astroworld was horrible and dangerous but it’s not the most dangerous concert people are freaking out about… you should think about what the Who went through when they did their Cincinnati concert in 1979. What about the Metallica/Guns N’ Roses concert in 1992 Montreal where James Hetfield burned his arm and there were fan riots and that concert was hell… what about the Rolling Stones free Altomont concert? How about the Great White 2003 West Warwick show hmmm??? I mean, Dimebag Darrell got shot and killed while he was playing guitar on stage. What about Woodstoock ’99 when all that rioting, looting and fire burning during the Chilli Peppers performance? Pearl Jam went through a few fan deaths themselves, I think.

There’s been way worse than Astroworld. I never heard Travis Scott’s music before but really stop blaming the guy. These things happen at concerts. Travis is just a performer, that’s what they are supposed to do!


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