Thinking of starting a Funko Pop doll collection like everyone else but I won’t be obsessed with them, though…

You know those Funko Pop dolls that’s gotten so huge nowadays. You see them being sold in stores pretty much everywhere. They’ve gotten huge. You see everyone collecting them.

Why do people buy them like crazy? For the value? Is it just for decoration at their home? A hobby? A combination of all three? Some may not think it but those Funko Pop dolls can be pretty valuable just like the comics and action figures, ya know?

I’m thinking of starting a Funko collection myself but I’ll try not to get too addicted and obsessed with them though. I’m only gonna get ’em of my favorite characters and famous people of Funkos, ya know? I’m just gonna buy the ones that I like… for example like my favorite movies and TV show characters, favorite actors, WWE wrestlers and musicians/bands. They are starting to make Funko’s of bands & artists now too. I’d like to get Funko’s of Rocky, The Terminator, Superman, Batman, Harley Quinn, The Joker and things like that.

I’m just gonna collect ’em for decoration and to show my appreciation for pop culture too. Just a small collection, I won’t go too crazy with these. Thinking of starting in 2022.

I never started yet ’cause I kept thinking these dolls were for the little kids but strangely enough, it’s mostly adults collecting them. I’m just finding that out.


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