Could I start making pop and dance music one day? Yes, I want to and planning on it… will still make rock n’ roll, though…

I think I posted in the past before that I’ve been listening to a lot of pop, dance and R&B music lately. I continue to listen to that stuff today… recently I just purchased two of Aaliyah’s albums “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” and “One In a Million”, now I see why Aaliyah music matters ’cause she was really good. A great talent gone too soon and I just purchased the Olivia Rodrigo album “Sour” from Itunes not too long ago. Haven’t listened to that one yet but will soon.

I’ve been getting a lot of Pop, dance and R&B music lately. Not sure why. I guess this stuff is really growing on me. Thanks to listening to David Bowie music over the years ’cause as you all know most of his music is “pop” music than rock n’ roll and I guess I got used to listening to pop music ’cause of of him really.

If I want to start writing pop songs of my own, I’m gonna need a keyboard synthesizer or some kind of midi controller in order to make EDM music (Electronic Dance Music). When you want to make EDM music, it requires rhythm and timing. You gotta know your time values. If you want to make “good” dance music, it requires a little bit of metronome knowledge than anything. When you want to dance to a song, you gotta have good timing skills. That’s why so many dance hits out there like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Prince and artists such as those are danceable ’cause of timing. It’s really about the “beat”, ya know? That’s all it takes. Making dance music isn’t hard as it sounds. Most dance music is just 4 or 5 chords anyways. Very simple, that’s all it takes. I could probably make my own music like you would hear at a nightclub.

I could probably make my own dance songs for sure but I’ll never ignore rock n’ roll & metal ’cause I still want to do that too. I’ll probably do the rock & metal thing first and then the dance music later.

I do want to get back into songwriting again.


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