Are a lot of people that go to the gym are misinformed at lifting? Yes and it’s crazy…

You want to know why that people in the gym never change… they never get muscular… never losing body fat and never losing weight? Well maybe it’s because they’re lifting the same weight all the time and lifting light all the time. Nobody wants to lift weights that makes them feel comfortable with good form anymore. Also, there’s a lot of gym goers that seem desperate in lifting heavy. Lifting weight that you can’t handle and I see it all the time at my local gym.

If you’re a powerlifter, it’s fine if you want to lift heavy for bench, squat and deadlift but you still need to do that carefully and safely. You still need to lift the big three lifts in good form and I try!

People struggle to lose fat ’cause they’re nutrition sucks for the most part. Sorry but you’re not gonna build muscle and lose fat eating whatever you want. You gotta eat clean, cut out sugars a lot more often, stay away from fatty foods and avoid processed foods too. I do eat mostly clean during the week but I have my cheat meals on the weekends only.

I still get a lot of kind compliments on my lifting and physique ’cause why? I’m not trying to sound egotistical or arrogant or whatever but I kind of have a ripped and muscular body ’cause I know what I’m doing. I think it’s been like 15 – 20 years, somewhere around that I’ve been lifting in the gym now. I’ve learned a lot about lifting, bodybuilding through books, the internet and youtube fitness channels. I’m a self-taught lifter, I’ve never had anybody coach me. I know how to do this which is how I have a bodybuilder physique but I still have work to do, though. I still gotta drop bodyfat myself and I’m working on that. I’m always learning still so I don’t know everything.

It is funny though… that even though I’ve been lifting and doing this a long time there are still so many that want to act like I don’t know what I’m doing and that’s the dark side part of it. I want to eat better and more cleaner, that pisses people off it seems. It’s socially acceptable to eat junk food now. When you eat junk, people don’t care but when you want to clean your diet, people judge you and criticize. I deal with that crap all the time.

When you get a built body and ripped look, that’s when you get all the jealous people coming for ya. So keep it going.

My gym days are going good. Still doing the bodybuilding and powerlifting training. For deadlift, I’m gonna avoid the mixed grip from now on ’cause I need grip strength. My bench and squat going okay too but they could be better, though.

As far as my bodybuilding training goes, it’s going well on that too and I’m feeling strong again. Doing 35lb Dumbbell curls starting to feel pretty light now so now I’m just moving on up to 40 lb. Dumbbell curls for reps which I’ve never done before. It took me a long time to get there.

I’m still working on trying to get big naturally as possible. I want to get that bodybuilder freak look. I will never compete for the stage. Just want the jacked body that I’ve always dreamed of. Yeah, I want that muscle dude look. It’s why I got into this.

I look at all these muscle guys you see everywhere (I’m not gay, believe me) and I thought to myself, “That’s what I want. I want to look like that one day.”



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