Is it safe and healthy to be 6% bodyfat and under? No definitely not… Greg Doucette here is right on the money!

I love that we have Greg Doucette calling out Scooby’s bullshit finally. This video is pretty good stuff.

The Scooby1961 fitness channel I used to follow but stopped being a fan years ago. Greg Doucette is kind of a weirdo himself but at least he’s smart and knows what he’s talking about.

Greg is so right that it isn’t healthy to be obesed and it’s not healthy to be 6% or lower bodyfat either. In fact, being 6% bodyfat or lower is very dangerous. It’s fine to be 6% bodyfat if you’re competing for a bodybuilding competition but do it only for that. It’s definitely not healthy being under 6%. If you live with bodyfat that low all year round, it’s asking for future heart disease, mood changing problems, dealing with hunger issues, you start to have problems with your lifting and all kinds of problems.

Doing a little research bodyfat that is considered dangerously low is 14% or lower. The right percentage a bodybuilder should be in is 14 – 23 % which I’m somewhere around there. I haven’t checked my bodyfat percentage yet but I’m gonna check it next time I go to the gym but I predict it’s still somewhere between 14 – 23 %. That’s where you want to be and that’s perfect.

I want to lose bodyfat still but not gonna go super crazy, just to get rid of a little flab but I’m not that bad. I still have visible muscles and visible abs still.

This video by Greg Doucette is kind of old but still worth watching and worth sharing on here. Enjoy.



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