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Think “Conspiracy Theories” don’t come true? Oh yes they can!!!

Do you think political conspiracy theories are all false and made up? Not all of them. Sometimes they actually come true. Even some of the craziest conspiracy theories turned out real over the years.

This interesting article at The Blaze posted a nice article about it and it confirms the controversial heart attack gun which is a top secret government weapon. Yes, the heart attack gun is real.

See the article, here.

The heart attack gun I think was definitely used to kill Andrew Breitbart and they possibly used it on Loretta Fuddy too.

These “conspiracy theories” that are all over the place can turn out to be the truth. So ya never know, all those “conspiracy theories” about President Obama out there can turn out to be the truth after all like him being behind Benghazi and Operation: F&F, killing innocent people with drones, lying about the death of Bin Laden, etc. They maybe “conspiracy theories” as of this point but once the truth gets out there, it’s not “conspiracy theory” anymore.