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Report: Yeah! Baby! Yeah! Mike Myers finally signs to Austin Powers 4!!!!

It’s been a while since Austin Powers have been on the big screen, hasn’t it? Yes, it sure has! Well, Austin Powers is finally coming out of his hiatus and he’s about to make a huge return!!! Mike Myers finally signed to star as Austin Powers and Dr. Evil for the fourth time.

Mike’s last couple of film probjects were “The Love Guru”, his cameo in “Inglourios Basterds’ and third “Shrek” film. He is also most famous for his Saturday Night Live role as Wayne Campbell for “Wayne’s World”.

Read more on the story, here.

I’m not that big of an Austin Powers fan but it’s good news that he’s finally getting another film. I only loved the first Austin Powers movie, the other two were okay.

Hopefully, Verne Troyer will reprise his role as Mini-Me. I’m sure he will come back too.