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Anybody that learns from Tony Horton or from BeachBody is just wasting their time and money…

I don’t want to slam, this blogger, but it’s my opinion that I think learning fitness from these expensive programs like P90x, Total Body, or 10 minute bullshit, that it’s all fake and won’t give you results that the ads claim. The reason I hate P90x and Beachbody instruction, is that when you buy these things, they give you a packet of stuff, like a set of DVD’s, instructional books and extra small workout equipment, etc. These packets will give you a program and you must follow each one, each day and follow their diets exactly the way it is shown.

I never go for these fitness programs that mail you these boxes of DVDs and you have to go through them all, blah blah blah. Not my thing. Why go through all that crap, when all you need is a good set of cheap dumbbells for home and a gym membership? That’s much cheaper than these ripoff beachbody programs that just want to take your money.

I don’t need to  learn from Tony Horton or from any of those professional trainers that are famous.

Did I go through any of this to get the body of my dreams? Did you see me go through any of this expensive stuff? NO! It only costed me very little to get ripped! Anybody can lose weight and get jacked, and it will only cost you cheap. I don’t think these fake beachbody programs will give you good results. You certainly won’t look like Arnold or Sly by going through this crap. You don’t have to buy anything to get into fitness. All it takes is research, dedication, and hard work to get good with fitness. You want to learn more about fitness, don’t do it through Beachbody.

I learned and taught myself fitness by doing a lot of reading. I read through Arnold’s BodyBuilding book, through the internet and other resources. I just studied, studied, studied. Without buying anything. If you’re thinking about getting into fitness to get ripped or to lose weight, I don’t want you going through this, or this.

Another way to learn about fitness is learn from other bodybuilders who have a lot of experience, they’ll be willing to help you. Just don’t get ripped off by these major fitness companies that all they want is your money. End of story.