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Wrestler Bruiser Brody… was he killed out of self defense or was it pure hatred??? I’ll say pure hatred for sure…

I was watching the wrestling docuseries, “Dark Side of the Ring” all week and this one episode about the mysterious death of Bruiser Brody caught my attention. Legendary wrestler named Bruiser Brody was killed during an argument with another wrestler named Jose Gonzalez in the locker room. Yes, Jose was arrested and there was a trial for it but Jose was acquitted ’cause he claimed it was “self defense”. Bruiser and Jose was in the locker having a screaming match and Jose stabbed Bruiser. Bruiser died later. Another wrestler named Tony Atlas claims he witnessed the whole thing but didn’t testify in the trial ’cause the subpoenas came late in the mail. The trial was already over before then.

Jose defended himself and claimed “self defense” but it’s still not known whether or not it was really murder or self defense. The knife was never recovered and Jose is still out there living his life.


My opinion??? I think Bruiser was definitely murdered in cold blood and it was definitely pure hatred for sure ’cause Jose always hated Bruiser. Jose knew that he would have never been able to harm Bruiser if he didn’t have a knife on him ’cause he knew that Bruiser was a tough dude. If Jose didn’t have a knife then things would have turned out differently and it would have been Jose being rolled out on a gurney by paramedics instead. Why would Jose have a knife on him?

I think Jose got away with murder for sure and did the perfect murder. No doubt about it.

Bruiser never got his justice sadly and it was a terrible trial. Doesn’t matter how long ago it was… Bruiser still needs his justice and his killing still needs to be solved which never did. Jose needs to be locked up and there needs to be another trial somehow.