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Varg Vikernes finally explains why his music project Burzum never plays live concerts… a must watch!!!

Varg Vikernes black metal band, Burzum has made a total of 11 albums. Is Burzum a band? Yes but the band only has one member which is none other than Varg. Yep, Varg is the only member of the band with him playing all the instruments himself and sang all the lead vocals.

Varg explains that Burzum never played any live concerts over the years simply because he feels there’s no point in it. He feels that there are better things to do in life and he can’t see himself playing on stage with other metal acts. He believes that performing onstage is pretty lame. He’s goes on saying that playing live is just musicians seeking attention for themselves and he believes musicians performing are pretty egotistical.

This video is actually pretty interesting insight.

I somewhat agree with him that playing live on stage is pretty pointless and kind of silly. I played live shows myself for a little while in the past but seemed to have stopped. I guess I kind of lost interest in live performing admittedly. You can release music publicly and not play live if you don’t want to.

The reality is when you’re a musician, you don’t need to perform live if you don’t want to. Just enjoy music for yourself really and that’s what it should be all about. There’s nothing wrong with playing music for yourself and that’s what Varg is trying to say here.

This is a great video and Varg has a lot of balls for this. Varg saying a lot of things that musicians don’t want to hear.

Black metal music is not a well-known music genre but Burzum is the most well-known and legendary band in the genre if that makes a lot of sense. I love Burzum. I’ve been listening to Varg’s music for a pretty long time. I have his album “Filosofem” from Itunes and was meaning to get the rest of his albums soon. Varg is a very talented and underrated musician. He may have had a dark and controversial past but I find myself listening to his music a lot.


Is it wrong for me to support Burzum’s music? No, I don’t feel ashamed of it either!

Burzum is a music project which was founded and created by Norway musician, Varg Vikernes. You may think of Burzum as a black metal band which they are pretty much but they are more than just metal. Varg makes a lot of instrumentals and ambient songs. He doesn’t just scream and growl in his songs either, he sings regularly in a lot of them too. His music is pretty medieval sounding. I know it may seem kind of wrong to support Burzum’s music ’cause you know that Varg Vikernes is a pretty evil and psychotic guy. When Varg was young, he murdered the singer of Mayhem and burned down some churches. It may feel a little uncomfortable supporting this guy’s music but man, I can’t help myself. The music of Burzum is so good. I’ve been a fan of them for a long while.

Thanks to Apple Music streaming, I got to stream all Burzum albums and I love ’em all really. Varg Vikernes maybe psychotic and the dude maybe a whack job but that guy is so talented musically, though. You should check out Burzum music yourself. I’m a pretty big fan of Burzum and have been for a while. It was Guitar World magazine that first introduced me to them so I got intrigued.



Varg Vikernes of Burzum interviewed for Guitar World…

So I got this month’s Guitar World magazine with Jimi Hendrix on the cover. I read some of it over the weekend. In the magazine, had an interview with a guy that kind of caught my attention. His name is Varg Vikernes, the frontman for his band, Burzum. It’s a black metal band. While I am a fan of heavy music, I never listened to black metal before. If you want some really scary shit in the metal industry, forget Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson, check out this guy, Varg Vikernes. Varg is a musician from Norway. He was just released from prison after a 15 year sentence for the murder of Euronymous of another death metal band called, Mayhem. Varg was originally sentenced for 21 years for murder and burning down several churches but he was released early for parole.

Now he’s out, and had an interview with Guitar World magazine. He’s made several albums under the Burzum name. He doesn’t have an actual band, he’s a one man band, actually. Played all instruments himself. He’s made two albums while in prison. While he’s not allowed any instruments in prison, he was allowed to have a synthesizer so he recorded two albums in prison. He’s got a new album out, but he made that one in a studio.

I was curious to hear Burzum music, so I went looking for tracks in youtube, and they are interesting. Varg Vikernes was a pretty controversial figure in the Black Metal industry. Expect him to be a little more well known now that Guitar World got him.

Listen to a Burzum track here, which I actually kind of like. Interesting sound and unique.