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Howard K. Stern should rot in prison for a long time…

He supplied her drugs ’cause he knew they were going to kill her. Stern knew what he wanted. He wanted her dead and he got what he wanted. He knew what he was after. He wanted Anna Nicole’s fame, he got it. He wanted her money, he got it. He tried to get Anna Nicole’s baby, Dannielynn, he failed at that. Larry Birkhead, ended up winning custody of Dannielynn since he is the biological father.

Imagine if Howard K. Stern won Dannielynn’s custody instead. He’d probably turn her into a drug addict when she got older. So it’s a good thing that Larry has her now and taking good care of her.

I’ve been pointing the blame of Anna  Nicole’s death on Howard K. Stern from day 1. Justice for Anna Nicole, FINALLY! Anna Nicole Smith would still be alive right now, if it wasn’t for that asshole.

Love Anna Nicole or hate her, that little girl, Dannielynn, deserves to know who her mother is, and Stern is a prick for taking her mother’s life away from Dannielynn.

Although I think, Stern won’t get prison time, he’ll probably just walk with a small charge by acting as his own lawyer in court, since he is a lawyer himself.

Lets cross our fingers that this asshole will be put away for many years. Although I don’t think it’s going to happen.