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America’s Got Talent did something right for a change, I’m impressed with Darci Lynne Farmer!!! WOW!!!

I gave up watching, America’s Got Talent, a long time ago. I just lost interest in the show and stopped watching. The 12th season of the show just got over, and the new winner for this season has just been announced. A young 12 year old named, Darci Lynn Farmer, is AGT champion for this year. I didn’t watch this season at all… since the internet have been praising about her a lot, it got me a little curious, so I decided to youtube her and check her out of for myself. She’s a ventriloquist, and she’s also a singer.

I watched a few of her performances in youtube, and I am very impressed. Actually, I was blown away. She gave me goosebumps and makes me want to watch more of her performances. When you watch her perform and you don’t smile at all, I wanna know what’s wrong with you?

AGT haven’t been choosing that many good winners lately over the years at all; maybe the last winner I liked was Jackie Evancho. I haven’t been impressed with many winners over the years. Finally,  here comes Darci Lynne who I’ve just became a new fan of. She’s very enjoyable and likeable.

If she keeps doing what she’s doing, she could be a huge star. After this, she’s probably gonna perform ventriloquist shows on a regular basis; if she goes on tour and performs a show around here, I would totally go. She’s very entertaining to watch for sure.

Congrats Darci! I can see her doing this for a living… performing shows for children and people of all ages.