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Smashing Pumpkins to make huge announcement Thursday… probably to confirm original reunion lineup but will D’arcy Wretzky be a part of it or not???

The Smashing Pumpkins put up this cryptic message yesterday on the band’s official facebook page. The band is about to make a huge announcement Thursday. As you can see on this image it includes the original SP heart logo which we haven’t seen in a while and then it includes a lyric line from the song “Disarm” above it. This is obviously giving you clues that the band is about ready to announce the original member lineup is about to happen after all.

I’m pretty sure Jimmy Chamberlin is coming back on drums and James Iha is coming back on guitar, but will D’arcy Wretzky come back on bass? According to the band themselves, no she isn’t. The band themselves say that they’ve tried to invite her in the band but claims she kept deferring, meaning putting them off, postpone until later.

Then D’arcy herself responded to the band’s statement and said Billy Corgan has decided he wouldn’t let her in the band and the Pumpkins are going on with a different bass player. So I take it that Billy and D’arcy are still feuding and having lots of problem still? Doing a little research on the history of the Pumpkins the D’arcy and Billy feud pretty much led to the break-up of the original lineup. Correct me if I’m wrong. They’ve always had problems. Apparently, they still are.


We’ll know for sure on Thursday whether or not she’s in the band. Things can always change on the last minute and Billy will end up letting her back in, who knows? We’ll have to wait and see.

The Smashing Pumpkins will probably confirm a reunion tour and possible new studio album too? Hopefully, they do a new studio album together ’cause that would be cool. I would like a new Pumpkins record with the 4 original members so hopefully D’arcy is back in. If she’s not then it’s not a true Pumpkins reunion. Won’t be as exciting if she’s not in.

I love the Smashing Pumpkins. I heard every album they did but the original lineup will always be the best, though. “Gish”, “Siamese Dream” and “Mellie Collie” were amazing records.

“Machina/The Machines of God” was the last album the original lineup did together and that’s a great record too.

Will the Pumpkins make a new studio album as well? I think they will ’cause you know Billy. That man is always playing and writing music. I’m sure he’s got a bunch of original stuff for the next Pumpkins record already.