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Report: Paul McCartney planning covers album and original hard rock album in 2012!!!

Paul McCartney hasn’t released a new studio album since 2007’s, “Memory Almost Full”. You don’t have to wait any longer for new music by Paul McCartney because he has two new studio albums planned for the year 2012. The first album he plans on doing is a cover song album. He will collaborate on that album with jazz singer, Diana Krall. Paul plans on recording the covers album early next year.

Paul’s second album planned, is that he plans on recording a hard rock album. Yes, you heard that right. Paul wants to do a Foo Fighter’s inspired, hard rock album.

Read more on the story, here.

Many of you would find Paul’s idea of doing a hard rock album kind of silly and you may think he can’t do it. If you think about it, Paul’s music with his solo career and the Beatles have always been hard rock. He’s also a hard rock singer. You may not agree with it but it’s true. The Beatles have helped launched the careers of many of today’s metal bands including Black Sabbath and Metallica. Plus, Guns N’ Roses covered “Live and Let Die”, a song that Paul wrote for the Wings album.

I think Paul would nail a hard rock album with no problem at all. I think he’ll be successful at it. Paul singing over heavy distorted down tuned guitars? I’m sure he can do it. Paul’s solo music have always been tight, that kind of had a metal edge to it. Think about it.