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Report: “Predators” writers set to write for new “Masters of the Universe” movie…

Sony Pictures is still moving forward with the “Masters of the Universe” reboot. They have hired Mike Finch and Alex Litvak, who wrote the script for Robert Rodriguez’s “Predators” to write for “Masters of the Universe”.  The film will be about He-Man battling against Skeletor on his home planet of Eternia.

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Glad the film is moving forward. Now they need to start casting. They would probably go for a younger guy to play He-Man but who should play He-Man and who should play Skeletor? For a He-Man they would need a built and muscular actor. I think they would go for someone from WWE or UFC.

If they can actually get Dolph for He-Man again, that would be very surprising. I don’t think they would go for Dolph again but it would be kind of cool though.


Owner of the “Command Performance” official movie website writes in…

The owner of the “Command Performance” official website e-mailed me by responding to my review. I thought I would post his e-mail publicily for all readers to see.

He wrote in that Dolph really did push for a theatrical wide release, maybe even a limited release, but the producers, and First Look studios didn’t really like it.

Don’t worry Dolph! “The Expendables” will definitely help get you out of your straight to DVD career!

Check out the e-mail under the line below.



Hey, I’m the owner of dolph-ultimate.com and webmaster of www.commandperformance-themovie.com,
glad you enjoyed the movie and spread the word about it throughout the year as well
I don’t know why I say that, but I just wanted to let you know for your information that Dolph did want and pushed for a theatrical run, even limited. But the producers and more so the releasing company FirstLook, didn’t care and really didn’t help promoting the movie properly (ie the lame DVD cover and tagline, lack of the announced special features etc)
Dolph is a really hard-working man and is taking more and more control over his career since he stepped up in the director’s chair 5 years ago (you should check out his debuts The Defender & The Russian Specialist by the way!)