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The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #13: Dracula (1931, Bela Lugosi)

Why are people watching garbage like “Twilight”, when they should be watching real vampire flicks from the 1930’s? Like the original “Dracula” starring, the late and great, Bela Lugosi. There are so many different remakes of “Dracula”, adapted from the novel by Bram Stoker, but nothing will top the 1931 film. Well, I’ll admit that the 1992 “Dracula” film directed by Francis Ford Coppola was amazing and such an intense flick, but this film here, is of course, better. Another perfect film to watch with all the lights off, and perfect to show your children! Show them the true Dracula. There have been many different versions of Dracula, Christopher Lee did alright, but Bela Lugosi, nailed it, better than anybody. The Bela Lugosi version of “Dracula”, is a Netflix streamable movie, and I plan on watching it on there soon. You should too.

Report: John Carpenter to do his take on Dracula, Hilary Swank will star!!!

Horror legend, John Carpenter is planning to direct his own remake of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” with “Fangland” which is a novel written by John Marks. Carpenter to do another vampire movie again? Just to remind you, this isn’t the first time Carpenter did a vampire film. The first vampire film he did was “Vampires” back in 1998 that starred James Woods in the leading role. In “Fangland”, it’ll be about Dracula taken place in our current time. Hilary is set to play Evangeline Harker, who plays a TV producer similar to a news magazine like, 60 Minutes.

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It’ll be great to see Carpenter back on the big screen! The last film he did was “Ghost of Mars” back in 2001. Big Carpenter fan here! Hopefully this vampire flick will be better than that piece of shit, “Daybreakers”.