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Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. actually a great boxer that some say he is? I’d say no…

I’ve warned ya plenty of times not to get too excited about that “Floyd vs. Manny Pac” fight didn’t I? Just because two boxing icons get together doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna be a great fight and like I predicted, it turned out that it wasn’t. Floyd predictably victorious again with his usual 12 round unanimous decision. I didn’t watch the fight but I already saw how it was going to go down. Floyd just holding his fists in the air trying to avoid to get hit. I’ve read from comments from those who saw the fight that Floyd ran around the ring like a baby. There is always this big debate on whether or not Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a great boxer or not. Is he really?

In my opinion, no. I think he’s the biggest fraud in the history of sports. The reason so many hate this guy is not because of his cocky and arrogant attitude… people hates him ’cause he doesn’t actually fight and he gets rich off of it anyways. How messed up is that, ya know? I don’t think Floyd actually knows how to fight well at all. All he does is point and run. Never gives his opponent a chance to hit him no matter what.

Yes, Floyd Jr. is cocky, arrogant and a bit egotistical just like Muhammad Ali and Iron Mike was but hey… at least Ali and Tyson were real fighters while Floyd Jr. doesn’t do anything in the ring. While Floyd didn’t do a hell of a lot in the ring last night… Manny should also get the blame ’cause he did all he could to avoid getting hit too. They both delivered horrible performances.

People claim that nobody cares about boxing anymore but not from what I see. Boxing seems to be alive and well. People continue to watch boxing ’cause I think the only reason is that people are desperate to see Floyd lose. Everyone is dying to see Floyd lose the streak which is why everybody keeps watching. Floyd Jr. vs. Manny Pac… an over hyped fight and yet everyone is predictably disappointed. You’d think? When it comes to Floyd Mayweather Jr., you should expect a predictable and boring fight.

Floyd is a cheater and a fraud. If you want Floyd to stop getting rich… then do yourself a favor and stop watching his fights would be a good start. Whether you agree with it or not, we’re all helping him get rich by buying the ppvs and people buy tickets to his fights live. That’s how fighters get their money from the fans.

I don’t think Floyd actually cares about boxing or the fans, it’s pretty clear that money is all he cares about.

If Floyd actually fought in the ring, do you think he would be undefeated? No. Floyd Jr. fans would defend him and make claims that he’s a “good thinker” and has good skill. If Floyd did some real fighting, I’m sure he would have lost a lot with TKO’s or KO’s. His career would have been over if he actually tried to fight.

Like most people, I can’t stand Floyd Mayweather Jr. myself. I can’t wait for that idiot to retire so boxing can be more interesting again.

I’m glad I didn’t watch the ppv last night. What did I watch last night instead? I re-watched the first “Avengers” movie on BluRay ’cause I’m planning on seeing “Age of Ultron” in theater later this week.