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Thought: Is Gary Faulkner an American hero or is he just a crazy nut job? My answer is here…

So I’m sure people are wondering about my thoughts on Gary Faulkner, going on a Rambo like mission to go hunt, Bin Laden.

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So is he an American hero or just some crazy loon out for attention? I vote, he is a crazy loon. Why?

I know there’s going to be some point where normal Americans like him and there will be others that will try to hunt down Bin Laden themselves, but if these people think they can honestly do it, then yes, they are crazy.

First off, hunting down Bin Laden won’t be easy. It’s probably the most difficult thing to do. Hell, why do you think the U.S. Army haven’t even hunted him down yet? Because Bin Laden is hard to find. Bin Laden is in a good hiding spot. He’s in an area that only he knows that can’t be found by outsiders. If his area did get found, I’m sure it would be pretty difficult to get at him. I’m sure Bin Laden is protected by his terrorist buddies. Think how Bin Laden’s hideout would have a security system that would be hard to get through, plus with terrorists all over the place gaurding Bin Laden.

Secondly, if you’re going to hunt down Bin Laden on your own, don’t do it alone like this guy did. Something tells me that even if Gary Faulkner is back home, he’s definitely going to try again. I don’t see him giving this up. You need to know where he is and how to get into Bin Laden’s hideout. Plus, you need more armed weapons than just a sword. I think Gary Faulkner has been watching too many action films and he fantasized about wanting to make these action hero like dreams come true.

Anybody that goes out to hunt Bin Laden, an innocent human being like Gary, is crazy and insane. Let the U.S. Army do that job. The Army were successful of catching Saddam Hussein. Let them catch Bin Laden.